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Active Learning

The Peregrine Centre hosts free face-to-face and online training events on a variety of mental health topics, as requested by practitioners across NSW.
We offer a mix of professional training led by experts in their field, and group learning opportunities with your peers led by our Local Project Officers.

Research Think Tank

Developing a real world research idea into a manageable research project
Third Thursday of each Month

Online Book Club – What Happened to You?

For FWLHD, WNSWLHD, & SNSWLHD. Starting 13th June, 2024.

ISLHD – ACTivate your practice – Peer Group Supervision

Starting March 14th - Fortnightly sessions Nowra Public Library

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Guided Learning

Our Guided Learning modules have been developed to support your learning with tailored resources to get you started and have a taster of a range of topics. While these are not formal trainings, they are intended to help you 'dip your toes' into a topic.

Getting Started with DBT

This workbook has been designed to complement our 2023/24 podcast series, Getting Started With… where we take a look at a number of the very common modalities for therapy and practice, and we try and help you get started. This is not a formal qualification, simply an introduction to this treatment modality.

Getting Started with Mindfulness

This workbook has been designed to complement our 2023/24 podcast series, Getting Started With… where we take a look at a number of the very common modalities for therapy and practice, and we try and help you get started. This is not a formal qualification, simply an introduction to this treatment modality.

Building research capacity

This workbook will step you through different aspects to consider when designing a research project, and applying for a research grant.


Tune into The Peregrine Centre's insightful podcasts. Hear leading experts unravel complex mental health topics, spark thought-provoking discussions, and equip you with practical insights you can readily apply in your practice.

Miniseries: Working with Trauma

This three episode miniseries looks at working with people who have experienced trauma. Dr Rebecca Sng offers the metaphor of the temptation of visiting the impact site straight away and why this might not be helpful.

Thriving in Rural Mental Health Practice: Beyond Self Care

We all know that self-care and preventing burnout as mental health practitioners is important, but how do we truly care for ourselves and our clients, particularly in rural and regional areas where there can be added complexities? And is it possible to go beyond that to thriving in mental health practice?

Getting Started with Behavioural Interventions

Long thought of as "basic", Behavioural Interventions have been shown by the research to be incredibly powerful tools in the right circumstances. However, successful Behavioural Interventions can be far trickier than they first appear.

Practice Toolkits

Rural practitioners often have to be across a lot of areas. Our practice toolkits contain tips and tricks for working with different client groups, or in different modalities. These topics have been selected based on requests from MH practitioners around NSW. We have collated helpful resources for you and the people you work with to support your practice.

Using Telehealth Effectively in Mental Health Care

Telehealth services increased significantly in the context of COVID-19, and many services continue to offer telehealth options. Despite this, many practitioners report only using telehealth out of necessity, and feel ambivalent about utilising telehealth. This resource provides an update of the evidence and practical considerations for telehealth.

Working with LGBTQIA+SB Clients

Who is this toolkit for?​ The following toolkit is designed for any mental health practitioners working across remote, rural or regional NSW who wish to understand more about working with LGBTQIA+SB people and have not completed speciality training.

Working with older adults experiencing mental health concerns

Many older adults may present with mental health concerns similar to other age groups, and general mental health assessment and intervention skills will be useful for this population.


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