Hi Everyone,

Welcome to our newsletter for May, 2023. If you’re anything like me, as the weather turns colder, you might be spending a little more time tucked up with a cup of tea indoors. What a perfect opportunity to open up our library of podcast episodes. This month’s episode is a much-requested topic: Managing Aggression and Working with Those Who Use Violence. We heard some wonderful feedback about the training provided by Code Black and this month, Peregrine Research Associate, Dr Caitlin Miller, speaks with Lisa Warren about the practical things you can do to manage these situations safely and therapeutically. 


Don’t forget that next month, eminent family therapist, Dr Jenny Brown, will be running another two rounds of “Fix My Child” – a training that will help you engage parents in therapeutic work. The feedback from this workshop in Merimbula was overwhelmingly positive so congratulations if you were lucky enough to snag a spot. For our colleagues in Broken Hill and the FWLHD region, look out for a new training being announced soon. Suzie Hudson, Clinical Advisor to NSW Health on AOD issues will be travelling out West to offer a training on AOD and Mental Health with a special focus on Methamphetamine Use. This is a rare opportunity to learn from an extremely engaging and knowledgeable facilitator. More details in next month’s newsletter. 


Lastly, thanks to everyone who participated in the Learning Needs Surveys. We are collating the responses this month and will be announcing our 2023-24 Learning Plan very soon. 


Until then, stay warm!



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