Hello Everyone, 

Welcome to Spring!
If you’re anything like me, you’re glad to see the last of winter and love seeing all the signs of new life in the plants around us before having to start thinking about the predicted hot summer, and all the dangers that has come to represent to us. 

September is also a time for new beginnings here at The Peregrine Centre. September 15th marks the release of the first episode of our new podcast series for 2023-24.
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In response to our learning needs assessment, we are bringing to you a series of short episodes designed to introduce some of the most common therapeutic modalities.
Our ‘Getting Started’ series asks experts to recommend how someone new to their model might begin to explore it.
The episodes represent a wonderful way to understand the basics of each model and which resources might offer the best path to get you started if you are interested in exploring further. My chat with Caitlin Miller in this month’s episode explains more about the concept and how it came about.

Upcoming Face to Face Training
Speaking of our exploration of your learning needs, we know you love to learn face-to-face whenever possible. In particular, we received requests for trainings for practitioners in the peer work and psychosocial supports field.
In response, we offered the following eCPR workshops in September in Byron Bay, Wagga & Yass.  Places filled quickly so if you were lucky enough to get one, we hope you are excited to attend. 
An interesting finding from our learning needs survey was that practitioners rated managing the emotional demands of their work as one of the most important skills in rural mental practice. However, they also rated themselves as often lacking this skill. In response to this gap, we are offering a series of workshops with experienced trainer, Nikki Butler which look at the complex area of practitioner well-being.
Details are still being finalised but keep an eye on the What’s On page of the Peregrine Portal for the release of registrations. 

The Peregrine Portal
Finally, you may have noticed we are doing a little bit of work on our portal page to increase functionality and reliability. Please forgive us if that means a glitch or two over the next couple of weeks.
If you need help registering for a training or signing up, please just email info@theperegrinecentre.com.au so we can give you a hand. 
That’s all for this month! If you have any feedback for us about our 2022-23 podcast series or have suggestions for future episodes, don’t hesitate to get in contact. We always love to hear from rural practitioners. 

Until next time…

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